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Top Tips for the Run-Up to Ramadan

Prep for the peaks.

Retail sales spike before Ramadan, so up your marketing efforts early. Travel reservations peak during Eid al-Fitr and in the days after — increase CPCs beforehand to stay top-of-mind.

Maximize on mobile.

Make sure your site and app are optimized for increased buys and bookings on personal devices.

Conquer cross-device.

Enlist smart solutions to track, manage, and enhance every consumer touchpoint throughout the path to purchase.

Sell more on social.

Utilize retargeting on social media to inspire brand engagement and boost visits to your app, desktop, and mobile web destinations.

Deploy a dynamic duo.

Drive sales by delivering highly customized ads to your prospects. Both Kinetic Design and Criteo Dynamic Retargeting help increase conversions.

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