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This is the Future of People-Based Marketing


The marketing silos are coming down. In the past, different marketing employees performed separate tasks within an organization. These siloed functions could include media buying, CRM, and organic social, for example, and their paths may have never crossed. Add multiple external vendors and tools to the mix, and you can see how difficult it was for managers to have a clear, unified picture of how their entire marketing ecosystem was performing.

But as we enter the age of people-based marketing, the need for cohesion has never been more apparent. This stems from shoppers’ journeys becoming increasingly complex. Organizations today need to understand how consumers browse and buy from start to finish, whether it be on desktop, via mobile, in-person, or a combination of all three, and cater marketing efforts appropriately.

So what does the future hold for organizations as they use marketing to compete for consumers’ attention and dollars in an increasingly omnichannel world? Len Ostroff, VP, Global Business Development at Criteo, recently attended RampUp 2017 and shared some thoughts on what we see taking place over the next few years.

Click above to watch the video in full and look for Len’s input around the 1:59 mark.

We’ll be keeping an eye on these trends as they unfold and continue to share our views on the future of people-based marketing. Watch the blog for the latest updates.

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