April 19, 2017 | 2 Minute Read
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How Running Multiple Retargeting Campaigns at Once Can Hurt You


Whether you’re P&G or Pete’s Pipes, your number-one digital marketing goal is the same: maximum ROI. Often the first questions marketers face when strategizing their retargeting campaigns include: How much is enough? Is more better? Do I need to run ads on Facebook, AdRoll, and Google at the same time?

We’ll make it easy for you by starting out with the answer: No! Here are three reasons why.

  1. Bidding Against Yourself

Many digital marketing providers will assure you their “spray and pray” method of ad placement works great. But that’s actually a clear sign that they don’t have the skill to give you an efficient, customized buy — one that reaches only the audience you’re after. For instance, let’s say a shopper visits your website, fills their cart, and then leaves. Later they go to another site. If your retargeting vendor is running your ads on both AdRoll and Google, both campaigns will bid on this visitor. In order to win, you’ll need to outbid yourself for the same visitor. Not good! Instead, choose a retargeting partner that knows how to efficiently mine the data on hand to maximize your ROI with a single campaign.

  1. Unclear Attribution

Attribution is a tricky thing with one retargeting campaign. But with multiple campaigns, it’s a mess. Different retargeting vendors have unique attribution models. If you have multiple campaigns in play at once, often you’ll have to navigate different dashboards and unpack disparate summaries of where clicks came from. Talk about confusing, not to mention a fast trip to fuzzy attribution results. Work with a retargeting partner who can manage your unique needs and clearly report on outcomes.

  1. User Fatigue

We’ve all been ad-bombed with the same ad over and over. This happens when a retargeting vendor runs ads on numerous networks. Because the campaigns aren’t “talking to each other,” too many ads are served to the same people. Solution: Find a performance-driving digital partner that knows how to optimize a single campaign. This way, you’ll be exposing a high-quality audience to your ads as often as necessary, and no more.

The golden rule? Find a retargeting vendor who understands how to provide quality instead of quantity to give you an efficient, customized campaign.

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