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Top Ecommerce Shopping Trends From Summer to Fall


What were some of the buzziest categories for late summer and fall? We analyzed data across categories to identify overall trends for cart size, search query volume, mobile usage, and more.

Some key findings:

 Huge variability in average item price based on category. The weighted average grocery item is $3.29, while the average electronics item sold is $301.33.

 Mobile commerce (purchase on a tablet or phone) is a significant factor across all categories. In some, it accounts for higher average cart volume and value.

 Top apparel searches include brands like Michael Kors, Nike, and Adidas. Leggings bested jeans in the pants department.

 What’s better than a little Netflix and chill? TVs are the most searched-for consumer electronic.

 People also love their caffeine. K Cups are more searched for than water, and name brand Keurig itself made the list of top grocery searches.

 College dorm rooms are being equipped from coast-to-coast, with microwaves, desks, computer desks, curtains, TV stands, futons, rugs and bookcases topping the list of home goods.

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