Singles’ Day 2021 Recap: Online Retail and Travel Sales Rise YoY in APAC

- The world’s largest annual shopping event, Singles’ Day, posted record numbers again this year. Alibaba, which began offering Singles’ Day sales at the beginning of November, said it raked in $84.5 billion in sales from November 1 through the actual event on November 11.1 Though

The Playbook Criteo is Using to Win Retail Clients as it Pivots to Ecommerce Advertising

Criteo Team Wins Global CBDC Challenge with the Monetary Authority of Singapore 

- We’re excited to announce that Criteo and Secretarium, in collaboration with Intel, were recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as one of three winners of their Global Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) challenge – out of more than 300 submissions MAS received. CBDC is a new and exciting area

Future-Proofed Advertising Strategies to Test This Holiday Season

- The holiday season is the time to be in the moment. But this year, pioneering marketers aren’t just thinking about today — they’re planning for tomorrow. Evolving privacy regulations and changes to addressable media are putting marketers in a future-proofing mindset to meet their goals

The Luxury and General Fashion Industries Move Online and Up the Funnel

- Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are adapting to unprecedented changes and transitioning from offline to online commerce. Global industry trends reveal that luxury and general fashion retailers have similarly responded to market changes with a greater focus on the online ecosystem. According to

Black Friday 2021: Consumer Survey Insights

- One of the year’s biggest sales events—Black Friday—is just weeks away. Last year’s event was an anomaly in many ways. Amazon Prime Day 2020 was moved from summer to mid-October, kicking off an earlier than ever shopping season. At the same time, many retailers closed