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When the agency Footwear etc. had hired to manage their Google Shopping campaigns began delivering inconsistent and often stagnant results, the family-owned comfort shoe brand began searching for a new, more engaged ad tech partner, one that would understand the needs of a small business and could provide both consistent growth and empowerment through transparency.


By partnering with Criteo, Footwear etc. was able to regain control over their Google Shopping channel without sacrificing its marketing team’s already limited manpower. They deployed Criteo Predictive Search, which organized and optimized all aspects of their campaigns — from remarketing lists to precise individual bids on products and users — through Criteo’s machine-learned, end-to-end technology.

Meanwhile, the company was consistently in contact with Criteo’s team of experts, who facilitated direct and constant access to their Google Shopping campaigns and kept them informed of various performance trends as they grew.


By investing in the transparency, trust, effectiveness and efficiency of a Criteo partnership, Footwear etc. saw growth even in typically slower seasons, enjoying:

  • A 60% increase in conversions
  • A 32% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)

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