Fotocasa, one of the largest real estate listings websites in Spain, partnered with Criteo to try new strategies for attracting potential users, especially on mobile devices. As their relationship grew, they were able to capitalize on the tools that worked for them, deepen their collaboration by testing more of Criteo’s technology with their own product, and eventually become alpha- and beta-testers for brand-new tools as they emerge.


Fotocasa wanted to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving mobile market, and to develop a closely aligned marketing relationship that would help them anticipate new challenges as they emerge.


By investing in Criteo’s entire suite of products, Fotocasa was able to present every challenge, scenario, and need that arose in their ongoing marketing strategy. Criteo then identified and deployed the tool that would best address that particular issue, often making Fotocasa one of the first clients to try new features.


The deeper their ongoing partnership with Criteo became, the more seamless and efficient Fotocasa’s ability to adapt to new marketing challenges became. Tday, they continue to be the most popular real estate site in Spain, and as they put it, are “growing faster than they could imagine.”


Broke monthly record for new leads


Opportunity to try new Criteo solutions first

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