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Lamoda wanted to revive and sustain app use among high-value customers to improve ROI from its technology investment. The challenge was that downloads alone aren’t enough to make mobile and tablet applications profitable.


Using industry-leading in-app performance marketing technology, Criteo enabled Lamoda to re-engage lapsed users who had downloaded the Lamoda mobile app with highly relevant, customized messages based on past browsing behaviors


  • High conversion rate: +83% vs that of desktop
  • Criteo In-app generated 64% incremental revenue vs Criteo Display only

“After investing a lot in download campaigns, we weren’t getting the retention or conversion rates we wanted. Criteo in-app retargeting allowed us to improve both these metrics as well as user profitability.”
– Maria Demushkina, CMO, Lamoda


Conversion rate vs desktop


Incremental revenue vs desktop