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Live Out There


Live Out There, Canada’s premier outdoor clothing and gear retailer, is always looking for ways to extend customer reach and grow sales. Because they recognize that their customers are always on the go, they knew that they needed a more active strategy for meeting them when they were most likely to convert.


To facilitate and harmonize the shopping experience, Criteo utilized Criteo Dynamic Retargeting across a comprehensive mix of channels, including Facebook Dynamic Ads. This complete solution guaranteed customer reach across all platforms, including social inventory.


Criteo’s ability to evaluate purchase intent drove immediate performance —outperforming Live Out There’s desired KPIs from the outset. Over the course of one year, Criteo helped them:

  • Increase revenue by 36%
  • Drive 23% more new impressions
  • Quadruple post-click sales

Boost in revenue


Of sales from Facebook Dynamic Ads


Increase in post-click sales