Monoprice Boosts Revenue by 75% With Criteo Predictive Search

Revenue within 90 days


ROAS within 90 days


Monoprice, a B2B and B2C direct electronics retailer, knew Google Shopping was delivering strong results for them, but They wanted a technological partner that would make life easier and more efficient for the team while also allowing them to grow.


By partnering with Criteo and deploying Criteo Predictive Search, Monoprice was able to optimize all aspects of their Google Shopping program through machine-learned, end-to-end technology. Criteo’s technology allowed them to set individual, SKU-level product bids, which transformed their remarketing lists by assigning optimal bids to returning users. At the same time, Criteo’s account team began delivering regular performance trend reports to the Monoprice team, keeping them at the forefront of the latest industry shifts.


By partnering with Criteo, Monoprice was able to:

  • Streamline and optimize their small in-house team’s overall workload
  • Drive a 743% increase in sales driven from returning users, while still seeing significant growth from new users
  • Grow their revenue overall by 75% within 90 days
  • Boost ROAS by 64% within 90 days

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