International plus-size clothing retailer navabi had recently made a significant investment in TV advertisements to attract new shoppers to their website and convert them into customers. They wanted to better understand how their TV and retargeting campaigns were working together.


Criteo helped navabi determine how much of their website traffic and sales could be attributed to their retargeting efforts. By analyzing new visitors to the navabi site in the 5 minutes after a commercial aired, Criteo was able to identify behavioral differences in the 50% of these new visitors that had also seen at least one Criteo banner ad previously.


navabi discovered that shoppers who had seen a TV spot as well as at least one personalized Criteo banner ad:

  • Converted 330% more often than shoppers who had only seen the TV commercial, and
  • Their average order value (AOV) was 27% higher.

With Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, navabi increased their CPC (cost per conversion) 15-20% when the TV spots were airing — as well as up to 10 days afterward.


Increase in conversions


Increase in average order value

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