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After five years of growth, Pinkoi was thriving as Asia’s largest online marketplace for original design goods. Their social media presence was driving plenty of traffic, but they needed a performance marketing technology partner to help them keep those new shoppers coming back, as well as establish a smarter, more informed strategy for showcasing their wares in the future.


Pinkoi implemented Criteo Dynamic Retargeting to connect potential customers with more personalized, stylish ads and entice them back to complete their unfinished transactions. Additionally, the automation of this process let Pinkoi fully optimize while decreasing the time their staff spent on the task.

Finally, Pinkoi was also able to leverage Criteo’s 10,000+ publisher network and cross-device capabilities to promote on a far wider range of platforms, reaching far more potential customers than social media presence alone.


Within the first month of their partnership with Criteo, Pinkoi’s CPA (Cost per Acquisition) had dropped by 30%. Within five months, they had seen a 15% bump in both sales transactions and revenue; the number of web sessions in which shoppers were engaging with the site increased by 10%.

Beyond the quantitative, Pinkoi’s partnership with Criteo and implementation of its easy-to-use solutions has also drastically improved quality of life for employees in the design, product and IT departments, all of whom have had large amounts of time freed up to instead concentrate on their core mission of innovation, thus increasing the company’s value in the long run.


Decrease in CPA


Increase in revenue


Increase in transactions