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As a publication focused on health and wellbeing and one of the top-five most visited health websites in the French-speaking world, Santeplus needed to strike a careful balance in its monetization strategy. Santeplus needed to maximize ad revenue, while maintaining rigorous standards in the quality of advertising it hosts. The company also wanted to use the most creative formats to engage users and support high CPMs.


Santeplus gives Criteo first-impression priority for ads, and Criteo passes back any unsold impressions to Santeplus’ alternate ad server, optimizing revenue and fill rates. The publisher now implements Criteo fixed footer formats (which remain stationary as users scroll down a page) at the top of every article, with a 630 x 500 text link format at the bottom. Criteo delivers only relevant, personalized and brand-appropriate ads to Santeplus users.


Criteo was able to monetize traffic across all the regional markets where Santeplus is published, with ads that ensure a positive user experience as well as:

  • 2X ad revenue in just 8 months
  • Real-time, efficient and instant optimization strategies driving higher monthly revenues
  • More than 6M impressions purchased by Criteo
  • Higher CPMs than any other advertising partner

Ad revenue


Impressions purchased by Criteo


Higher CTR from Fixed Footer Format

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