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Sykes Cottages


Sykes Cottages needed a new performance display expert who could reach a larger audience without increasing their cost of sales.


Criteo has access to thousands of publishing partners, and because of those relationships, they got Sykes Cottages ad placements on sites before other advertisers. Criteo also targeted users starting at the very beginning of their decision-making process, which gave Sykes an extended advertising opportunity.


  • Increased revenue: Sales more than doubled (2.35x) from 2012Q4 to 2013Q4.
  • Lower cost of sales: CPA (cost per acquisition) decreased 6% during the same period.
  • Unmatched reach: 70% of ad volume was premium inventory, allowing first-look access to users.
  • Long-term exposure: Criteo was able to serve Sykes Cottage ads the first time a user visited a website.

“We started working with Criteo prior to our peak period, and the results have been incomparable to our previous online display activity. The uplift in volume has enabled us to significantly increase the number of bookings delivered through performance display, while retaining a comparable CPA. I’m now confident that we are working with the best possible solution.”

– Tom Lowes, Online Marketing Manager, Sykes Cottages


Sales YoY


Cost per acquisition


Ad volume was premium