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Criteo’s unique advertising solutions allow B2B companies to build personalized ad campaigns that target exactly the right leads. Enterprises to small-business have leveraged Criteo solutions across retail, travel, financial services, automotive and education. Generate more interest around a product. Remind applicants to finish a form. Convert free users into paying subscribers.
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Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

With Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, B2B companies can use retargeting to remind, educate, and inspire prospects. Target only high quality leads and ensure that each ad is built for the right stage in the buying process.

Criteo Audience Match

With Criteo Audience Match, companies can leverage their own customer data and match it to Criteo’s three enormous data collectives, building complete shopper profiles for targeted advertising campaigns that drive results.

Criteo Customer Acquisition

With Criteo Customer Acquisition use powerful machine learning to identify new customers from existing ones based on their browsing journeys, and individual interests.

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