영국 최대 규모의 취업 포털 사이트 Reed는 타사의 퍼포먼스 마케팅 서비스와 Criteo를 비교 테스트한 후, 높은 효과와 지속적인 혁신을 제공하는 Criteo를 선택했습니다.


As confidence returns to the UK job market, reed.co.uk wants to be sure its message is out in front of jobseekers, especially as they increasingly use mobile devices as part of the search process.


Criteo not only delivers volume in terms of driving new candidate registrations to the reed.co.uk site, it also ensures ads reach the right candidates with the right positions at the right time.


  • Increase in conversions (users’ registration to the site) thanks to the Criteo retargeting solution. 

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