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The IAB’s Director of Technical Standards recently declared that the advertising industry has some catching up to do when it comes to supporting secure, encrypted communications with users via HTTPS. With HTTPS encryption on public-facing servers protecting the privacy and security of the public, the IAB identifies support for HTTPS as a best practice for the industry.

That’s why we’re excited to share that we’ve been fully SSL compliant since 2014, allowing us to deliver secure bid information at the largest scale. With security and privacy top of mind with CMOs the world over, the Criteo Engine can now deliver more secure bids on behalf of the advertisers we work with and show advertising on secure sites. And for the Internet users themselves, our full SLL compliance means that they won’t be exposed to potentially harmful sites - protecting customers against potential risks and enhancing consumers’ trust.

While complete SSL compliance isn’t mandatory for all publishers, we started buying on secure inventory over three years ago, making full compliance a clear decision for us. Major players including Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook have long been SSL compliant and Google has now joined that movement, announcing recently that they’ll make their Ad Exchange 100% SSL compliant by June 30, 2015. Those publishers have a commitment to their users’ privacy and security, and we share in it.

We reach over one billion Internet users monthly across multiple internet platforms, so it’s important for us to maintain integrity on behalf of our advertisers. It allows IT to manage transactions using SSL protocol and provides advertisers with access to a more secure, better monitored and richer range of inventory than ever before. We look forward to continuing to provide marketers with an industry-leading standard of security as they continue to use personalized and relevant ads to drive clicks, conversions and sales from a variety of global publishers’ sites. 

Categories: Product & Technology Innovation