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How Marketers Can Find Balance Between Scale and Efficiency

What’s the number one focus of digital marketers? Managing cost. It’s the nature of the ecommerce beast. But while saving money where you can is one tactic for increasing your bottom line, sometimes the best way to maximize results is by making enough of an up-front investment.

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How Retailers Can Win with Customer Journey Analytics

Many retailers today are focused on collecting and using data to construct a peak level of personalization. This effort is often referred to as customer journey analytics — the process of examining how customers use multiple channels to interact with an organization. But understanding today’s winding, end-to-end shopping journey is challenging.

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Get to Know the Criteo Team: Meet Ibrahim Abubakari

It’s clear when Ibrahim speaks that he loves his job and sharing his excitement for Criteo with potential new hires worldwide. We sat down with him to learn more about his role, his favorite project at Criteo, and what he does outside of work.

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What Geo-Targeting Means in an Omnichannel World

There’s an entire world, invisible to the naked eye, where consumers are moving targets crossing virtual fences. Now, with GPS and Bluetooth capabilities on smartphones, retailers are fine-tuning their omnichannel strategies to reach consumers in relevant locations beyond desktop.

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Direct Match vs. Probabilistic Match: Which is Better and Why?

An online marketing campaign that works is one that hits all the right notes: It features exciting products announced with brilliant creative design, supported by a healthy marketing budget. But all those elements are going to add up to the sad song of campaign failure if one key thing is missing: a strong data match that links you with your most likely prospects.

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Why Smart Personalization is Driving the Retail Experience

In this increasingly competitive atmosphere, delivering a personalized customer interaction can mean the difference between securing a sale and losing it to a competitor. Many brands are therefore putting their efforts into creating tailored experiences for their customers using sophisticated smart personalization technology.

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