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Tales from eTail West: How Retailers Can Capitalize on ‘Convenience’ Trends

We look forward to our time at eTail West every year. The event brings together over 1200 retailers from 600 companies to discuss the future of ecommerce and how retailers can take advantage of the latest technologies and innovations.

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How Webmotors Increased Conversions By 33%

Webmotors, Brazil's biggest automotive online classified marketplace, needed to generate more leads at a low cost and increase their ad conversions in order to drive more relevant traffic to their site. Here's how they did it.

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How to Capitalize on Cross-Device Commerce

In the fast moving world of ecommerce, establishing trends or truths is a tricky business. What does this mean for your existing mCommerce strategies? And how can you capitalize on shifts in shopper behavior to get ahead?

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