Retail Media

Powering the retail media ecosystem with the world's leading brands and retailers.

Retail Media empowers brands, agencies, and retailers to work better together to sell more products.

What is Retail Media?

A strategy that benefits both brands and retailers.

Retail Media enables brands to reach shoppers with relevant ads near the digital point of sale on retailer and marketplace websites and apps. With Retail Media by Criteo:

  • Brands improve their position on the digital shelf
  • Retailers add a new revenue stream

A Retail Media Moment with Wavemaker

The “buy now, anywhere” mentality of shoppers is a key driver behind the accelerated growth of retail media.

A Retail Media Moment with Reprise Digital

Ecommerce and retail media aren’t only for driving conversions — they also drive upper-funnel brand and product awareness.

A Retail Media Moment with Tinuiti

When a seamless online shopping experience converges with actionable data, that’s when you see the rise of Retail Media.
Why it Matters

A modern solution for a new retail landscape.

With consumers purchasing online more than ever, brands need new ways to reach them and retailers needs ways to offset the cost of operating ecommerce.

Now is the moment for retail media.

More and more brands are investing in retail media now because it enables them to:

  • Reach the shoppers who are purchasing more online
  • Target and measure campaigns without relying on third-party cookies
  • Drive more product sales and capture more share of wallet

What It Takes to Build a Retail Media Network

For retailers wondering how to build a retail media network, our CRO, Brian Gleason, has insights for retailers of all sizes to consider.

Retail Onsite Display is a Hot Strategy You Aren’t Using, But Should Be

Retail onsite display is the online equivalent of shelf-talkers and POS displays in physical stores. Learn all about it and why you need it.

Explosion in Ecommerce Fuels the Need

Retail media has been given a shot of adrenaline, accelerating its growth and catapulting it to the top of brands’ budgets.

First-Party Data Makes Retail Media a Future-Proof Strategy

Retail media is the obvious choice for brands looking for a viable alternative for today and after 3P cookies are gone.
How it Works

The Criteo Retail Media Platform

Our technology is purpose-built to enhance the partnership between retailers and brands to deliver more product sales and more value for all.

One unified platform

Buy and sell retail media with ease with an end-to-end, self-service platform.

  • Sponsored products and display ad formats
  • Flexible targeting and media pricing options
  • Access to broad advertiser demand for retailers

Transparent and open

Join a transparent, open ecosystem that maximizes revenue for retailers and flexibility for brands.

  • Standardized workflows and metrics across retailers
  • Run multi- or single retailer campaigns
  • Full visibility and pricing control for retailers

Robust APIs

Manage campaigns and access reporting from the tools you use today with our APIs.

AI optimization

Improve experiences and results with the power of AI.

  • AI and manual controls to manage your budget
  • AI-powered relevancy controls protect the experience
  • Flexible optimization models to meet your KPIs

Harness the power of retail media.

If you’re a retailer looking to increase ad revenue or a brand that wants more product visibility and sales, our Retail Media Platform has all the tools you need to succeed.