Sustainability at Criteo

Empowering Change, Creating Value:
Our Sustainability Approach

We strive for continuous improvement and positive impact in terms of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Ethics, and the Environment. Together with our employees, partners, clients and consumers, we advance toward increasingly structured and ambitious commitments to shape our future growth and define the value we want to create for society.

“At Criteo, our values are core to who we are. Our focus is to strive for continuous improvement and positive impact for our employees, our partners, our clients, and the consumers they serve, so that we can build a sustainable future together. We’re so proud of our passionate and committed employees who actively seek to sustainably impact the world around them every day and make Criteo’s CSR activity so impactful.”
- Megan Clarken, Chief Executive Officer
Sustainability Reports

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Sustainability has always been a part of who we are, long before we issued the first installments of its annual CSR report.

Our Achievements in 2023

Gender Pay Gap since 2021
Woman Representation
Renewable Energy (Scope 2)
C Rating
for the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
Our Sustainable Values

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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is embedded in our DNA. We are proud of our culture where our people have always been driving us to “do better”. The multiple social and environmental initiatives our employees have carried globally over the years are evidence of this. In 2023, we committed to SBTi carbon reduction targets.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Criteo

We champion a culture of belonging for all our employees through our positive and intentional actions that are seen as best in class internally and externally. We promote equity and access throughout the employee experience, in how we hire, develop and retain great talent and embrace inclusion for all.

Criteo Cares and Volunteering

Promoting a diverse and inclusive culture to drive sustainable change across our industry is one of our strongest commitments. Hundreds of employees are actively involved in keeping our seven Criteo Cares communities alive and driving change within our company from the ground up.

Recognizing Our Commitment

Our efforts to build a diverse and inclusive culture and a sustainable future have been rewarded by several prestigious organizations.

Gender Equality

Our Gender Equality Index

We set sets out clear commitments towards advancing gender parity and we are actively driving meaningful change for Women in Tech.


In terms of the Gender Equality Index, Criteo France (Criteo SA and Criteo France SAS, Criteo Technology) achieved a score of 94 out of 100 in the Gender Equality Index for the year 2023:

  • 39 for Gender pay gap
  • 20 for Difference in the rate of increase F/M
  • 15 for Difference in promotion rate F/M
  • 15 for Return from maternity leave
  • 5 for Number of women among the 10 highest paid


Au titre de l’Index Egalité Femmes-Hommes, Criteo UES (Criteo SA and Criteo France SAS, Criteo Technology) a atteint la note de 94 sur 100 pour l’année 2023:

  • 39 pour l’Ecart de rémunération F/H
  • 20 pour l’Ecart de taux d’augmentation F/H
  • 15 pour l’Ecart de taux de promotion F/H
  • 15 pour le Retour de congé de maternité
  • 5 pour le Nombre de Femmes parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations
Sustainability Resources

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