Criteo AI Engine

Build smarter ad campaigns.

Drive outcomes based on your unique goals with hyper-relevant ads tailored for every customer across the full customer journey, served at the perfect moment, and optimized to get results —all with the power of artificial intelligence.

What is the AI Engine?

Commerce-focused machine learning technology.

Our advanced AI algorithms analyze data in real-time from the Criteo Shopper Graph, with insights from 700m daily active users, and 4B product SKUs and 3,700 product categories. As our engine learns from real shopper behaviors, it continuously adapts to your campaign objectives. It powers the following capabilities:

  • Audience Targeting
  • Product Recommendations
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization+
  • Predictive Bidding

Experience the benefits of the Criteo AI Engine

What the power of our technology can do for you.

Always-on audience strategies

Instead of one-off acquisition or retention campaigns, attract new customers and grow your existing relationships with an always-on strategy. Using AI, engage audiences whenever they’re ready to receive your message, from discovery through conversion.

Achieve 1:1 personalization

Our engine uses 120+ shopper intent signals to create a unique ad for every user designed to get the highest engagement. It analyzes the context of every impression, so your customers see the best ads for every stage of their journey.

Get the results that matter to you

Drive awareness, consideration, or conversion with the engine’s bidding strategies. We assign a value to each customer and change the bid for every ad placement to ensure you’re targeting the right users for your campaign goals.

Make your budget work harder

Data-driven predictions identify the customers that are most likely to engage with your ads, take your desired action, and have a high lifetime value. Automated bidding allocates your budget based on how much each impression is worth to you.

Benefit from years of AI innovation

Criteo’s product and R&D teams run over 100,000 tests a year to fine-tune algorithms that serve billions of ads daily. We continually invest in our Criteo AI Lab to integrate cutting-edge AI research into our technology.

Start growing your business today!

Find your best customers, engage them with the perfect ad, and meet your business goals. Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform helps you build ad campaigns that increase sales and grow your customer base.