Criteo AI Engine

Build smarter ad campaigns

Create hyper-relevant ads tailored for every customer, served at the perfect moment, and optimized to get results — all with the power of artificial intelligence. Our advanced AI algorithms analyze data in real-time from the Criteo Shopper Graph, with insights from 2.5B+ active monthly shoppers and $900B in annual ecommerce sales. As our engine learns from real shopper behaviors, it continuously adapts to your campaign objectives.

Experience the benefits of
the Criteo AI Engine

Achieve 1:1 personalization

Our engine uses over 120 shopping signals to create a unique ad for every user designed to get the highest engagement. It also analyzes the context of every impression, so your customers see the best ads for every stage of their journey.

Meet your specific goals

Drive awareness, consideration, and conversion with the engine’s bidding strategies. We assign a value to each customer and change the bid for every ad placement to ensure you’re targeting the right users for your campaign goals.

Make your budget work harder

Data-driven predictions identify the customers that are most likely to engage with your ads, take your desired action, and have a high lifetime value. We allocate your budget based on how much each impression is worth to you.

Be part of AI innovation

Criteo has a team of engineers and researchers that run over 70,000 tests a year to fine-tune the algorithms running your campaigns. We have also invested over $20 million in the Criteo AI Lab to integrate our cutting-edge AI research into our technology.

Explained: How the AI Engine Uses Data

Explore the Criteo AI Engine

Dynamic Creative Optimization+

No need to choose great design or top performance. We work with you to produce stunning ads based on your brand guidelines. And our DCO+ technology scales your creative and serves the best visual elements for each impression.

Product Recommendations

Leverage your full product catalog and entice shoppers with the products they’ll love. Our Product Recommendations technology displays the products most likely to drive a customer to your site or app and convert them.

Predictive Bidding

Engage your top customers at the right place and the right time. Predictive Bidding uses a wealth of shopper data to determine the value of every impression to you. We place the bids that get the most for your budget and your objectives.

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