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AMERICAS   Chicago, Illinois   June 25-27, 2024

Path to Purchase Retail Media Summit 2024

P2PI’s Retail Media Summit brings together the commerce marketing community to help CPG brands and retailers navigate the complicated, rapidly shifting media landscape. Their program will gather leading experts on retail media for content sessions, idea exchange, and networking to help attendees tap into the full power of retail media in the ever-evolving world of omnicommerce.

AMERICAS   São Paulo, Brazil   July 30 - August 1, 2024

E-Commerce Forum Brasil 2024

The objective of the E-commerce Forum Brasil is to provide a space for networking, learning and exchanging experiences between participants. During the event, lectures, panels, workshops and activities related to e-commerce are presented, covering various topics such as online sales strategies, logistics, digital marketing, technology, user experience, market trends, among others.

EMEA   Biarritz, France   October 1-3, 2024

One to One Expérience Client 2024

Criteo will be joining One to One Expérience Client in Biarritz this year. We are excited to connect through one-to-one meetings and discuss topics such as customer acquisition, retention, addressability, and AI. Stay tuned for more details!

EMEA   Paris, France   November 26-27, 2024

Tech for Retail 2024

Criteo returns to Tech for Retail this year and we are glad to seize the opportunity to discuss innovation in AdTech, retail media, artificial intelligence, addressability, and more. Come visit us at booth E110 and stay connected for further updates.