Predictive Bidding

The right bid for every impression.

Predictive Bidding accurately forecasts each shopper’s engagement, conversion, and average order value, and bids the right price for each ad inventory to reach them.

What is Predictive Bidding?

Smarter bids for the best campaign performance.

Powered by 900TB of consumer data on the interactions between 700M shoppers and 4B products, Predictive Bidding determines the right bid for every impression. Using insights on each shopper’s potential value, you can make the most out of your marketing budget.

The benefits of Predictive Bidding

Our vast and granular commerce data delivers a high level of predictive accuracy, to ensure you meet your budget and your objectives.

Drive the best value from your budget

Data-driven predictions of every shopper’s potential engagement, conversion, and average order value allow the AI Engine to allocate your budget based on each individual shopper’s worth to you.

Reach your goals with flexible optimization

Meet revenue, conversions, traffic, or product margin goals with optimization models which ensure your ads are shown to shoppers most likely to drive your desired results.

Get the right ad inventory

Reach shoppers through the best ad inventory chosen by the Engine based on predicted inventory and publisher site performance for every individual impression.

Reach shoppers in the moment

Predictive Bidding takes only 10 milliseconds, 10X faster than a blink of an eye, to choose a relevant ad, calculate all variables, and place the right bid at inventory auction.

Start growing your business today!

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