Commerce Grid

Commerce has evolved.
It’s time the supply-side platform did, too.

Commerce Grid harnesses the power of commerce to maximize publisher revenue, amplify advertiser outcomes, and help retailers unlock the true value of their shopper data.

For media owners

Maximize monetization with the only SSP purpose-built for commerce

Tap into unique commerce demand

Maximize yield with instant access to exclusive demand from 18,000+ brands, retailers, and agencies spending billions annually across Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform.

Unlock the true potential of your inventory

Enrich your inventory with powerful commerce insights and signals to create all-new supply packaging strategies and superior ROI for your advertisers.

For agencies

Direct access to premium supply plus commerce-powered supply packaging

Turn commerce signals into commerce outcomes

Package rich Commerce Audiences with premium inventory to create data-powered deals that can be activated in any DSP.

Access the most sought-after media brands and retailers. All in one place.

Connect directly to the world’s most prestigious media brands and premium programmatic retailer inventory in one SSP, with full supply path transparency and efficiency.

For retailers

Effortless audience extension and programmatic monetization tools

Unlock the true potential of your shopper data

Extend the reach of your audiences to power full-funnel, cross-channel buying, enabling advertisers to target users off-site via their DSP of choice—without putting your data at risk.

Amplify your on-site monetization

Capture advertiser budgets and generate incremental revenue by opening on-site inventory to programmatic demand from non-endemic advertisers—all with full ad blocking and quality controls.

Results that speak for themselves

Patch Media

Patch Media leverages Criteo’s Hashed Email Solution to maximize the value of logged-in traffic

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Slate boosts cookieless CPMs by 138% with Criteo’s hashed email solutions

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Curated demand drives 57% revenue lift for Raptive publishers

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WetterOnline doubles app revenue with Criteo Direct Bidder

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BurdaForward implements Criteo Direct Bidder for AMP and sees 40% increase in revenue from Criteo

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SPIEGEL MEDIA implemented Criteo Direct Bidder to directly connect with Criteo’s unique demand, and saw a 41% increase in yield

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Grow your business with Criteo

Tap into incremental demand. Optimize client outcomes. Supercharge shopper data.

Criteo unlocks the commerce opportunity for players across the ecosystem.

Get more demand

Commerce Grid helps media owners to maximize yield with direct access to exclusive commerce demand from Criteo’s 18,000+ brand and agency partners.

Get more results

Agencies can drive superior outcomes with a commerce-focused SSP built with rich commerce signals, impactful formats, and supply path efficiency at its core.

Get more revenue

Retailers can leverage the power of Commerce Grid to extend their reach across the entire shopper journey—on-site, off-site, and across all media channels.