Commerce Media Platform

Commerce media for the open internet.

Bring richer experiences to consumers in all the places they shop with the world’s largest open commerce dataset.

What is Commerce Media?

Advertise and monetize more effectively.

Commerce media uses large-scale purchase and intent data and commerce-focused AI to improve advertising returns on the open internet for marketers and media owners.

  • Marketers can engage in-market audiences at every stage with the best ad for each moment
  • Media owners can earn more revenue by enriching and activating their first-party data and inventory
  • Consumers can enjoy more relevant experiences

Making commerce media work for everyone

Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform offers different solutions to meet the unique needs of marketers and media owners. From enterprise brands to long-tail retailers, our platform helps everyone win with commerce media.

Demand side

Commerce Max

Our Commerce Media Demand Side Platform for enterprise brands, retailers, and agencies to plan and buy commerce media everywhere.

Commerce Growth

Our solution for continuous customer acquisition and retention for performance marketers and agencies.

Supply side

Commerce Grid

Our next generation Supply Side Platform for media owners, agencies and retailers.

Commerce Yield

Our Monetization Platform for enterprise retailers and marketplaces.

The ROAS Trap

The quantifiable and intangible benefits of retail media beyond ROAS.

The Great Defrag: How commerce media will unite advertising in 2024

Global insights from brands, agencies, retailers, and publishers.

Purpose-Built Solutions for Commerce Outcomes

How the four solutions in our Commerce Media Platform will address the specific needs of both our demand and supply clients.
Why it Matters

The time to prepare for the addressable future is now.

With ecommerce on the rise and big ad industry changes on the horizon, marketers need help building, scaling, and activating first-party audiences and media owners need more ways to add value to their inventory and create addressability.

Be ready with commerce media.

Commerce media is a future-proof way to take advantage of the commerce that’s happening on the open internet. It gives everyone the data, AI, and tools they need to:

  • Build first-party addressable audiences at scale
  • Better understand behavior and personalize experiences
  • Measure and optimize outcomes at every stage of the purchase journey

What is Commerce Media?

The ad industry is buzzing about commerce media. But what is it, exactly? Get the definition and why it's trending here.

What is Commerce Data?

Commerce media doesn't work without commerce data. Learn what it is and how you can use it to drive better outcomes.

The Commerce Media Ecosystem, Explained

Learn about the interconnected players who make up the commerce media ecosystem and what they need to succeed.

What is the First-Party Media Network?

Find out how marketers and media owners can connect, enhance, and activate their first-party data with Criteo's First-Party Media Network.
How it Works

The Commerce Media Platform

Turn the world’s largest open commerce dataset into high performing addressable advertising on the open internet.

United supply and demand

Benefit from more data and transparency and lower costs with a unified platform for both marketers and media owners.

  • Reduce data loss, fees, and tech taxes
  • Increase addressability
  • Drive more ROI and revenue

First-Party Media Network

Amplify addressability by connecting your first-party data with our network of high-quality first-party data.

  • Link identity across participants to scale audiences
  • Access commerce data to improve personalization
  • Keep your customers’ data safe and privacy compliant

Unique intent-based audiences

Target or curate highly effective audiences from a massive global commerce dataset and your own first-party data.

  • Focus on consumers who are actively in-market
  • Drive first-time and repeat purchases
  • Attract advertisers with new audiences

All-in-one solution

Plan, buy, personalize, measure, and monetize—all in one platform.

  • Choose from a variety of audiences, ad formats, and media buying options
  • Measure and optimize campaigns across the funnel
  • Maintain full data and inventory control

Better consumer experiences—and more growth for you—start here

Reach and monetize audiences that are shopping online more than ever. Unlock a massive set of first-party commerce data and AI to enhance consumer experiences, and earn more revenue with the Commerce Media Platform.

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