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SportScheck first employed Criteo’s display performance advertising to maximize sales and order value within their COS (Cost of Sales) parameters. After five successful years, the company knew it was time to expand their reach on Facebook, with an engine that could optimize bids to maximize purchases and reduce cost.


SportScheck rolled out their mobile Dynamic Ads campaign by adding Facebook In-App inventory to its existing Criteo campaigns. By harnessing Criteo’s capability to analyze consumer purchase intent across the entire shopping journey, SportScheck was able to deliver real-time, relevant ads and also bring more data to the Criteo engine — driving higher performance across all inventories.


SportScheck saw across-the-board benefits, including:

  • A 58% boost in Facebook sales volume generated by the retargeting campaign on Facebook
  • Increased efficiency on both mobile and desktop — higher revenues at a lower COS
  • Additional Criteo-generated sales — 13% of the SportScheck sales originating from Criteo came through Criteo Dynamic Retargeting with Dynamic Ads

Increase in sales


Of Criteo-driven sales from Dynamic Ads