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CE Season Is On Its Way

John Roswech, Criteo's EVP, Brand Solutions, shares how consumer electronics retailers can strategically drive seasonal sales by taking advantage of cross-purchase and impulse shopping opportunities.

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The Art and Science of Retargeting for Marketers in 2018

MarTech Series explores the benefits retargeting brings for B2B and B2C marketers, highlighting Criteo data that shows retargeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a purchase.

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Converted Carts: What Retailers Need to Get Right for Customer Acquisition

Jess Breslav, Criteo's Managing Director, Mid-Market, Americas, outlines customer acquisition strategies for small and mid-size retailers, highlighting data collaboration and tools for the reactivation of inactive customers.

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5 Essential Media Buys for First-Time Marketers

Entrepreneur points to Criteo retargeting solutions as one of the top five essential investments that first-time and start-up marketers should make to effectively reach new customers.

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In-Store Sales Still Rule, but Digital Helps

eMarketer shares findings from Criteo's Q4 Global Commerce Review, revealing that omnichannel shoppers worldwide represent just seven percent of all consumers, but are responsible for 27 percent of all sales.

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Users Spend More Money in Apps as Mobile Web Use Declines

Native mobile apps are increasingly driving retail sales. According to Criteo's Q4 Global Commerce Review, 44 percent of total transactions happen in an app, followed by desktop with 33 percent.

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2 Reasons Retailers Are Pushing Everyone to Install Their Apps

Retailers are investing more and more efforts in pushing people to download their apps. According to Criteo's Q4 Global Commerce Review, in-app shoppers convert 21 percent of the time compared to just six percent for mobile-web shoppers.

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Getting Personal: 3 Steps to Personalizing Your Automated Email Campaigns

Marketers are turning to machines to deliver highly relevant emails based on their clients’ latest purchases, abandoned shopping carts and recent page, according to IDC's white paper sponsored by Criteo.

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Digiday Research: Most Retailers Don’t Have Mobile Apps

Digiday shares findings from Criteo's Q4 Global Commerce Review, revealing that mobile apps were the largest source of online sales in 2017 with 44 percent of purchases occurring in-app.

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IBM Has An AI Training Advantage

A dataset of more than 4 billion training examples released by Criteo Labs is leveraged by IBM Research in an effort to advance machine learning research.

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