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Over 66 Percent Of All Digital Transactions Now Take Place On Mobile

GeoMarketing highlights findings from Criteo's Global Commerce Review on how mobile is dominating online sales, indicating that brands that are not mobile-centric are at risk of losing out on significant sales.

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Omnichannel Shoppers Spend Far More Than Online-Only Customers

According to data from Criteo's Q1 2018 Global Commerce Review, people who shop both online and offline are far more valuable customers than those who limit their shopping methods to e-commerce only.

Analyst Reports

[TBR] Analyst report – TBR: New Shopper Engagement solutions segment will emerge, reaching $38b by 2021 with a 36% CAGR

In a new report from Technology Business Review, analysts Stuart Williams and Zach Rabel have identified a high-growth market segment they call “Shopper Engagement”, estimated to be valued at USD 38 billion by 2021.

Encompassing audience discovery all the way through to re-engagement, Shopper Engagement, if done well and continuously, leads to the “transaction” stage in what TBR calls the “Digital Customer Experience Continuum.” Shopper Engagement also includes all intervening media engagements and programmatic marketing that guide consumers toward a purchase, with key subsegments being Advertising, Agencies, Marketing Cloud and Social Media.

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DMN: The Monday Stack: Blockchain. Service. Commerce

As app adoption continues to grow among shoppers, retailers need to invest more in app optimization. According to Criteo's Global Commerce Review, apps now account for over two-thirds of mobile commerce transactions in North America.

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Omnichannel is Defining Factor in Modern Retail World: Criteo

Luxury Daily features findings from Criteo's Q1 2018 Global Commerce Review, highlighting the value of omnishoppers and emphasizing the need for retailers to adopt omnichannel strategies.

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Do Mobile Transactions Dominate the Mix?

Mobile plays an increasingly important role in e-commerce sales. Findings from Criteo's Q1 2018 Global Commerce Review reveals that more than two-thirds of digital transactions in North America take place on mobile, the majority of them via apps.

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Criteo’s Global Commerce Review Highlights Mobile-First Psyche of Customers

MarTech Series shares findings from Criteo's Q1 2018 Global Commerce Review, which reinforces the "mobile-first" consumer mindset and the importance of adopting a data-driven approach to influence buying decisions.

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Shoppers Generating the Highest Lifetime Sales Value Are…

According to Criteo's Q1 2018 Global Commerce Review, apps account for over 70% of mobile e-commerce transactions in North America. Jonathan Opdyke, Criteo’s Chief Strategy Officer, discusses that retailers must prioritize and optimize shopping apps.

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Report: Omnnichannel Shoppers Offer Highest Lifetime Value

Chain Storage Age explores findings from Criteo's Q1 2018 Global Commerce Review, revealing that shoppers that browse across multiple digital environments generate the highest conversion rates and lifetime sales value.

Press Releases

Criteo’s Q1 2018 Global Commerce Review Reinforces the “Mobile-First” Consumer Mindset

NEW YORK—May 10, 2018—Criteo S.A. (NASDAQ: CRTO), the leading commerce marketing technology company, today released its Global Commerce Review for Q1 of 2018. The report, which analyzed browsing and purchasing data from over 5,000 retailers in more than 80 countries, indicated that today’s shoppers are making on-the-go purchases, and are active across all browsing environments.