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How to Survive Tight Competition: Great Learning from Criteo

In the digital era, businesses are facing more fierce competition. FxDailyReport examines the strategies that have led Criteo to be a leader in a highly competitive industry and achieve "a promising market hit and stable business growth".

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US Holiday Shopping 2017: Shoppers Continue Online Migration for This Year’s Season

Google local inventory ads have been growing according to eMarketer's US Holiday Shopping study. Dave Schwartz, Criteo's Head of Search, talks about how the Internet giant is promoting local and visual search products and states that "Google is starting to push this product aggressively with retailers, and adoption has been pretty good."

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Why & How to Use Sponsored Posts

Search Engine Journal offers a deeper look into sponsored posts and how they can help reach desired audiences. The article references Criteo research, saying that retargeting can boost sales by 30 to 70 percent.

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How Startups Can Thrive Against Fierce Competition

CEO, Eric Eichmann provides insight on how Criteo has successfully navigated the competitive ad-tech industry and the importance of setting up a clear company vision early on.

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One on One at eTail East: Jaysen Gillespie of Criteo

In a podcast interview at eTail East, Jaysen Gillespie, Criteo's VP, Analytics, Insight & Data Science, discussed the challenges marketers face for fully maximizing omnichannel marketing campaigns, and how Criteo’s Commerce Marketing Ecosystem is helping retailers compete against the likes of industry giants.

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7 Lesser-Known Tech Stocks That Will Make You Rich

Criteo is recommended as a tech stock to buy, mentioning its 33% growth and $542 million revenue in Q2, and presented as a key player in helping struggling brick-and-mortar retailers deal with the onslaught of e-commerce companies.

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Outlay for strategic growth: Criteo’s Q2 returns propels H2 plan

Jonathan Opdyke, President, Brand Solutions, speaks about Criteo's plans and goals after a strong Q2 revenue and shares his thoughts on the roadmap for the company.

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Criteo CEO Talks Q2 Earnings

Eric Eichmann, CEO, meets with Bloomberg Markets Radio to discuss Criteo's Q2 2017 earnings, unique value proposition and the performance that both retailers and brands are looking for to grow their sales.

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Ganging Up on Amazon to Win Digital Customers

In a live interview, Eric Eichmann, CEO, analyzes Criteo's Q2 2017 earnings, dives into the Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem, and presents upcoming plans for the company.

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The Monday Stack: The Robots Aren’t Coming

DMN introduces the Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem as a solution to help retailers fight back against Amazon and maintain the visibility of channels outside Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

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