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Holiday Predictions from Criteo’s Jaysen Gillespie

In preparation for the 2018 holiday season, Jaysen Gillespie, VP and Head of Analytics and Data Science, explains what is driving early shopping behavior and emphasizes the importance of implementing retargeting campaigns.

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Criteo Names Ryan Damon as General Counsel

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The Long Haul Back to School: Student and Parent Spending Spikes Continue Well Into September

John Roswech, EVP, Brand Solutions, shares insights on how brands and retailers can make improvements to omnichannel commerce campaigns in order to make the most of the back to school season.

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Millennials, Mobile Leading Fashion Ecommerce Growth: Criteo

According to Criteo data, Millennials are the main driver of fashion e-commerce. John Roswech, EVP, Brand Solutions, explores key characteristics of Millenials and Gen Zers and emphasizes the importance of preparing for the holiday season ahead of time.

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What Retailers Need to Know About Generation Z

Generation Z consumers value bricks-and-mortar shopping and tactile retail experiences. According to Criteo findings, 80 percent of Generation Z shoppers look forward to shopping in stores when they have time.

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Gen Z More Likely to Visit Shopping Malls, Fast-food Restaurants, Study Finds

Marketing Dive highlights findings from Criteo's Gen Z report, revealing that 80 percent of Gen Z shoppers enjoy in-store experiences when they have time, but 75 percent prefer shopping online due to convenience.

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The Vast Majority of People Say They’re Shopping Across Channels

People who shop both online and offline are far more valuable customers than those who limit their shopping methods to e-commerce only, according to data from Criteo's Q1 Global Commerce Review.

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MediaPost: AgilOne, Criteo Partnership Links In-Store Purchase Data To Online Ads

MediaPost highlights the integration of the AgilOne and Criteo platforms aimed to enable companies to better understand customer behavior across all channels to drive personalized experiences, from offline to online.

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Criteo Joins the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program, Enabling Merchants of All Sizes to Scale Their Businesses

Criteo’s participation in the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program is covered by MarTech Series, enabling merchants of all sizes to enhance their e-commerce strategy and scale their business.

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Search and Ecommerce Taking a Larger Piece of Back-to-School

Criteo findings around back-to-school sales are featured in MediaPost, revealing that the focus should turn to last-minute shoppers and students that find retailers at the end of the summer season.