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Criteo Expands With Better Targeting, Dynamic Video Ads

As part of Criteo's Vibrant Future thought leadership video series, CEO Eric Eichmann introduces Criteo's new products —Criteo Audience Match, Criteo Customer Acquisition - and dives into the expansion of Criteo's video solutions geared towards offering personalized video ads.

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Criteo and Forbes Insights Unveil New Study, “The Commerce Data Opportunity: How Collaboration Levels the Retail Playing Field”

NEW YORK—Oct. 10, 2017–Criteo S.A. (NASDAQ: CRTO), the commerce marketing technology company, today released data from its study in conjunction with Forbes Insights: “The Commerce Data Opportunity: How Collaboration Levels the Retail Playing Field”.

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Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem Empowers Retailers and Brands to Forge a Path to a Collaborative and Successful Future

NEW YORK—October 10, 2017–Criteo S.A. (NASDAQ: CRTO), the leading commerce marketing technology company, today announces the next step in its vision to build the highest performing and open commerce marketing ecosystem.

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Criteo Sees New Products And Growth In Data Cooperatives

AdExchanger takes a closer look at Criteo's new products—Criteo Audience Match, Criteo Customer Acquisition, and the expansion of Criteo Kinetic Design- as key elements of the Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem and introduces Criteo's new policy to give buyers and DSPs impression-level transparency.

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TechBytes with Jonathan Opdyke, President, Brand Solutions, Criteo

As part of MarTech Interview Series, Jon Opdyke, President, Criteo Brand Solutions, highlights offline data as the underpinning of the Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem and explains how Criteo plans to tackle the challenges of marketing attribution.

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How Personalization, Marketplaces and Monetization Will Transform Digital Commerce by 2020

Patrick Wyatt, Criteo's SVP, Product Management, offers a deeper look into the future of digital commerce and how personalization, marketplaces, and monetization will transform the industry by 2020.

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What’s In Store for Holiday 2017: The Top Shopping Trends

John Roswech, Criteo's EVP, Brand Solutions, shares findings from Criteo’s 2017 “An Enlightened Holiday Study” and provides the top 10 shopping trends for the holiday season.

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Life in the Fast Lane: How 4 Companies Fast-track Employees for Success

Top tech talent is fierce and scarce, and companies need to prioritize employees’ career development to retain talented workers. Criteo is mentioned as one of the top tech companies that fast-track employees success as a method to retain the best talent.

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Podcast: Criteo CEO Eric Eichmann Defies Gravity

In a podcast interview with AdExchanger, Eric Eichmann, CEO, dives into Criteo's business model and how the company has evolved to become a leader in the data-driven marketing space by focusing purely on data.

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With A Smart Ecommerce Ecosystem, Amazon And Alibaba Don’t Always Win: Criteo’s Mollie Spilman

Mollie Spilman, Criteo's Chief Revenue Officer, analyzes the vibrant future of retail and Criteo’s role in reshaping and reinvigorating the landscape: "At Criteo, we believe in a world where companies not just survive Amazon or Alibaba but thrive."

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