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Kawaja: Amazon Rivals Can Compete Using Intelligence

As part of Criteo's Vibrant Future thought leadership video series, Luma Partners CEO, Terence Kawaj, discusses how Criteo's acquisition of HookLogic allows marketers to band together to achieve the necessary scale to compete with giants like Amazon.

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eTail East: Summertime and the Living Was Easy

Total Retail offers a deeper look into the eTail East conference and features Jaysen Gillespie, Criteo's VP, Analytics, Insight & Data Science, who urges retailers to make their digital experience fast and user-friendly, particularly for mobile devices.

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Criteo Helps Brands Boost Conversions Via ‘Deep Learning’

WWD examines how Criteo has fine-tuned digital performance marketing through investment in R&D and deep learning initiatives, maximizing sales and revenue for retailers and brands. "The way that most companies advertise with Criteo is on a performance basis. If performance goes up, those people advertise more", states Jonathan Opdyke, Criteo's President, Brand Solutions.

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How Criteo Helps Brands And Retailers Compete Amid The Jungle Of

Jonathan Opdyke, President, Brand Solutions meets with Beet.TV as part of Criteo's Vibrant Future thought leadership video series. Opdyke highlights the company's performance model, how Criteo Sponsored Products is helping brands drive sales, and introduces Criteo's new format called Brand Spotlight.

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(VIDEO) Criteo’s Jonathan Opdyke On Cracking The Code Of Brands’ Ecommerce Data

"The Vibrant Future", Criteo's thought leadership video series about the transformation of the retail industry, features Jonathan Opdyke, President, Brand Solutions, who provides insight into the acquisition and integration of HookLogic and how Criteo's Commerce Marketing Ecosystem expands capabilities beyond retargeting.

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Big Changes Coming To Auctions, As Exchanges Roll The Dice On First-Price

Major exchanges/SSPs are rolling out experiments with first-price header bidding auctions with visions of moving their inventory to first-price auctions. Criteo’s EVP, Global Supply, Marc Grabowski, provides insight on this new trend and points out that "the majority of auctions will move to transparent first price.”

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Google and Microsoft Can Use AI to Extract Many More Ad Dollars from Our Clicks

The application of AI and machine learning to predict clicks and deliver the right online ad offers industry players a big opportunity to boost ad revenue, according to WIRED. Suju Rajan, Criteo's Head of Research, comments on the use of deep learning for advertisements and the benefits it can bring to the ad industry.

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Report: 12 Trends Expected This Holiday Shopping Season

Sourcing Journal features Criteo's top 12 predictions and trends that will shape this shopping season based on Criteo's 2016 data on e-commerce shopping behavior, search terms and shopping carts.

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MarTech Landscape: What is Predictive Advertising?

In a time where predictive advertising is rapidly evolving and is helping advertisers expand their targeting efforts, Martech names Criteo as a leading player in the predictive advertising space with Criteo Predictive Search.

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The New iOS Update Could Have a Surprising Impact On Digital Marketing

Forbes discusses the effect and impact that the new iOS update could have on digital marketing and the retargeting industry. In this new scenario, Criteo is presented as a forward-thinking company expected to come up with solutions to help large retargeters and demand-side platforms navigate this new world.

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