Let's address addressability.

At Criteo, Google Privacy Sandbox is just one of three approaches we’ll apply to solve addressability in 2024 and beyond. Life without cookies could be sweeter than you think.

Addressability in the post-cookie age. As simple as 1, 2, 3.

As an independent ad tech company, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver the solution(s) that work best for each of our partners. How do we do it? With three core pillars.

1. First-Party Data

In a world without third-party cookies, first-party data is king.

At Criteo we’ve already built a unique shopper graph across both the demand and supply side. This enables privacy-safe activation via solutions like hashed emails at scale—and maintains 1:1 addressability across the ecosystem.

2. Google Privacy Sandbox

We’ve been a leading partner of the Google Chrome team since the earliest days of the Privacy Sandbox.

This partnership ensures we can enable retargeting, interest-based advertising, and measurement across 63% of global browser traffic—and all without third-party cookies.

3. Closed Environments

With retail and social media audiences, you get the best of both worlds with Criteo.

Our strategy connects partners to audiences from 200+ retailers via our Retail Media Network—as well as millions of logged-in users on social platforms like Meta.

Our approach to addressability in 90 seconds.

Hear from our Chief Product Officer, Todd Parsons, as he outlines our multi-pronged approach to addressability. Have a spare 15 minutes? Watch the full webinar for the complete picture.  

Witness the future of addressability

Want to dive deeper into addressability strategy, testing, and insights live and in person? We have several speaking events coming up, so be sure to check out the schedule and experience our strategy first-hand.

Hot off the press

The world of addressability moves pretty fast. To be sure you don’t miss any of the latest developments, we've curated the essential addressability articles from across the open web.

Master addressability at Criteo Commerce Academy

Our new “Addressability & Third Party Cookies” course is now live on Criteo Commerce Academy. This self-paced e-learning course is open to all and designed to help you understand third-party cookie deprecation, industry changes and their impact, as well as Criteo’s Addressability Strategy.

The future is not one-size-fits-all

With so many solutions out there, you might be feeling some analysis paralysis.

Don’t worry—we’ve developed tailored strategies to help our partners across the ecosystem effortlessly solve the addressability puzzle.


Ad inventory is much more valuable when advertisers know which audiences they’re reaching.

Without a robust addressability solution, advertisers will be in the dark, meaning publisher revenue is at risk. At Criteo, we built our strategy to support publishers by preserving the value of their inventory to maintain the monetization they rely on.


For brands, it’s all about delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

By safeguarding tools like frequency capping, measurement, and creative personalization—without compromising performance—our addressability solutions help brands to keep doing what they do best.


With the ability to operate on both the demand and supply side, retailers occupy a unique corner of our ecosystem.

But whether monetizing data assets or looking to drive measurable performance for their own campaigns, retailers need robust addressability solutions to maintain revenue streams—and create new ones.


Delivering—and proving—value for clients in the post-cookie age will be a challenge.

With Criteo’s solutions, agencies can continue to report on key metrics like ROAS, even in cookie-compromised environments.

Increased CPMs for Safari traffic
“We partnered with Criteo to monetize our inventory more effectively in cookieless environments. We are thrilled with this progress and will continue to work together with strategic partners like Criteo to navigate the future state of high-value, personalized advertising.”
Molly Gallagher |Senior Manager, Programmatic Revenue at Slate

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