Future-proof your advertising approach.
No cookies required.

When third-party cookies officially go away, how brands drive and measure advertising outcomes will change. But with a thoughtful addressability strategy, you can continue to see strong and scaled ROAS from your media investments.

The future of addressability means embracing new solutions

Let’s innovate beyond third-party cookies together. Maintain scale, reach, and performance with our multi-pronged approach.

First-Party Data

Criteo partners with 20,000+ retailers, brand advertisers, and media owners — hashing first-party signals from buy-side to sell-side partners to target the exact people that brands want. This maintains cross-channel addressability at scale for acquisition, retention, and re-marketing campaigns.

Google Privacy Sandbox

As one of Google’s first (and largest) testing partners, Criteo is incredibly well positioned for the rollout of Topics, Protected Audiences, and Attribution Reporting APIs once real-world testing commences in January 2024.

That’s 63% of the web’s browser traffic covered.

Closed Environments

Scale addressable reach, unlock campaign efficiencies, and amplify performance by extending campaigns into Criteo’s 220+ retail media partner environments and across social channels, thanks to Criteo’s unique integration with Meta.


Refine your addressability strategy in less than 60 minutes.

With so many moving parts—and moving goal posts—it can be tough to stay on top of addressability. For the last word on the cookieless future for brands, join Nola Solomon, Criteo’s SVP, Global Go-to-Market Strategy & Enablement, for this on-demand webinar 


Future-proof your strategy with Criteo

The future of digital advertising relies on brands’ ability to confidently reach the right users, with the right message, at the right time. While achieving this at scale, brands also need to be able to connect media investment back to real business outcomes.

Our multi-pronged strategy can do just that. To take full advantage, here are three things brands can do:

Integrate Criteo OneTag

Start sharing your first-party data with Criteo using industry-standard hashing protocols to create future-proofed addressable IDs.

Implement OneTag on your site and share hashed PII (e.g. email addresses) with Criteo. OneTag is also necessary to participate in Google Privacy Sandbox testing, which will run throughout most of the first half of 2024.

Activate first-party data for meaningful impact

Drive incremental sales by activating acquisition and retention campaigns and extend campaign reach into retail media and social environments—all in our holistic Commerce Media Platform.

Leverage contextual intelligence

Activate Criteo’s exclusive audiences, built using constantly refreshed behavioral and contextual signals to find your next best customers wherever they may be.

Get some clarity with Criteo

Our multi-pronged approach to addressability is a win-win for all of our partners. It preserves the personalization, performance, and measurement you need while our advanced AI decides which solution is best in any given moment. Get a full overview in our Addressability for Agencies on-demand webinar or contact us to talk to an expert.

Grow your business with Criteo

Build your brand. Get more customers. Sell more stuff. Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform works for businesses of all sizes.

Get more reach

Go beyond walled gardens. With knowledge from 750m daily active users, Criteo can help you serve ads to totally new audiences based on their unique browsing and buying habits.

Get more intelligence

Leverage AI-powered, identity-resilient audiences that optimize across both behavioral and contextual data to engage new users in any environment, agnostic of third-party identifiers.

Get more power

Deliver hyper-relevant ads that are powered in real-time by our AI Engine, which analyzes 120+ shopper intent signals from 35B daily browsing and buying events.