Say hello to life beyond the cookie.

For too long, the digital advertising ecosystem has been reliant on the third-party cookie. As the industry redefines addressability in 2024, it’s time for publishers to build a strategy for life beyond the cookie.

The future of addressability is not one-size-fits-all

Third-party cookies were great—but together we can build something better. Just like our overall strategy, our solution for publishers takes a multi-pronged approach.

First-Party Data

We match hashed first-party data signals between buy- and sell-side partners to drive better performance for advertisers and higher CPMs for publishers.

We also support leading alternative IDs, including LiveRamp, LiveIntent, ID5, and more.

Google Privacy Sandbox

As one of Google’s first testing partners, we’ve built in support for Topics, Protected Audiences, and Attribution Reporting APIs to preserve addressability and measurement in Chrome.

That’s 63% of the web’s browser traffic covered.

Contextual Commerce Environments

Drive incremental yield in cookieless environments using a combination of our proprietary contextual signals plus Certified Seller-Defined Audiences.

Level-up your commerce media strategy with captivating ad experiences embedded into contextually relevant content.


Refine your addressability strategy in less than 60 minutes.

Publishers will play a pivotal role in the cookieless future. To learn more about how media owners can prepare, watch our on-demand webinar with Nola Solomon, Criteo’s SVP, Global Go-to-Market Strategy & Enablement.  


Future-proof your strategy with Criteo

Publishers occupy a unique space in digital advertising ecosystem. With direct and scaled access to consumers, they play a crucial role in shaping the customer journey.

So how can publishers take advantage of this position in 2024 and beyond?

Safeguard CPMs with first-party data

We encourage our publisher partners to start securely sharing first-party data—like hashed emails or alternative IDs—in bid requests.

The sooner you share the signals, the sooner advertisers can find them.

Get ready for Google Privacy Sandbox

Now’s the time to configure your header setup to support Google Privacy Sandbox via Prebid or other adapters.

Need advice getting set up? Our team is ready to assist with any integration questions and help you hit the ground running.

Test the cookieless waters with an A/B testing strategy

Launching an A/B testing framework can help you understand which addressability solutions work best—and even unlock new and incremental revenue in the process.

Not sure where to start? Partner with Criteo and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Increased CPMs for Safari traffic
“We partnered with Criteo to monetize our inventory more effectively in cookieless environments. We are thrilled with this progress and will continue to work together with strategic partners like Criteo to navigate the future state of high-value, personalized advertising.”
Molly Gallagher |Senior Manager, Programmatic Revenue at Slate

Get some clarity with Criteo

Our multi-pronged approach to addressability is a win-win for all of our partners. It preserves the performance, measurement, and monetization you need while our advanced AI decides which solution is best in any given moment—just like magic.

Grow your business with Criteo

Tap into incremental demand. Optimize client outcomes. Supercharge shopper data.

Criteo unlocks the commerce opportunity for players across the ecosystem.

Get more demand

Commerce Grid helps media owners to maximize yield with direct access to exclusive commerce demand from Criteo’s 18,000+ brand and agency partners.

Get more results

Agencies can drive superior outcomes with a commerce-focused SSP built with rich commerce signals, impactful formats, and supply path efficiency at its core.

Get more revenue

Retailers can leverage the power of Commerce Grid to extend their reach across the entire shopper journey—on-site, off-site, and across all media channels.