Retail Media for Retailers

Grow ad revenue and enhance relationships with brands.

Maximize monetization and manage your vendor marketing program with an integrated platform that offers a variety of ad formats and self-service capabilities for large brand advertisers.

What is Retail Media for Retailers?
Helping retailers become publishers.

Retail Media enables retailers to turn their first-party data and audiences into a new revenue stream.

  • Increase ad revenue with new inventory and formats
  • Capture budget from brands shifting to ecommerce

Participating brands driving more sales with Criteo

Why retailers love Criteo Retail Media

The benefits of our retail media solution.

End-to-end platform

Manage your sponsored product and display business with one platform, reducing operational and tech management complexity.

Total control

Sell campaigns directly to your brands and control who has access to inventory and data, and at what prices.

Relevant, seamless experiences

Ensure ads are contextually relevant and maintain a positive shopping experience with our industry-leading machine learning and AI.

Access to new budgets

Tap into budgets outside of shopper and trade marketing and attract funds from major media agencies looking to drive more results for brands.

Flexible integration

Choose from a client side, server side, or hybrid integration, based on how you prefer to render ads.

A proven partner

Partner with the commerce media provider that powers the most efficient and measurable retail media ecosystem for the world’s leading retailers and brands.

What We Offer

All the tools you (and your brands) need to succeed.

We make it easy for retailers to transform into publishers and earn ad revenue from their most valuable assets – their data and traffic.

Strengthen brand relationships

Give brands access to your inventory, data, and SKU-level reporting to help them meet their sales goals, while maintaining control over the experience.

Boost sales and lifetime value

Enable full-funnel campaigns that reach shoppers at all stages of the shopping journey to drive awareness, traffic, and sales.

Build and scale easily

Quickly scale by integrating your seller portal with our API, and enable up to 50,000 sellers to launch campaigns in seconds.

Measure performance

Understand where your retail media revenue is coming from, including inventory performance and fill rate, to identify trends and make optimizations.

Start growing your business today!

Find your best customers, engage them with the perfect ad, and meet your business goals. Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform helps you build ad campaigns that increase sales and grow your customer base.