Criteo expands its TAG certifications, ensuring safer digital advertising

Our multiple TAG certifications show our commitment to fighting invalid traffic and malware and our high standards for brand protection.

TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) is the leading global initiative fighting criminal activity and increasing trust and transparency in digital advertising, and it offers several certifications focused on improving safety in digital advertising.

Companies that earn the TAG Certified Against Fraud and Certified Against Malware Seals show their commitment to fighting fraud and crime, while TAG’s Brand Safety Certified Seal demonstrates a company’s high standards for brand protection.

Criteo is proud to announce that it has been re-certified by TAG for both Brand Safety and Fraud and is now also TAG Certified Against Malware. Criteo’s Commerce Grid solution is also now TAG Certified for Transparency, the newest certification program from TAG that recognizes businesses for achieving high levels of transparency and accountability.

Earning these certifications is a rigorous process in which companies must show that they are meeting each program’s requirements and adhering to strict guidelines, which are independently validated by a third-party auditor before a final review by TAG. Criteo’s multiple certifications make us a Platinum Status member and put us in rare company, as one of only 32 organizations who’ve achieved that illustrious status.

“TAG Platinum status is the highest honor that TAG awards, and it is limited to the select companies that have demonstrated their leadership across TAG’s program areas by achieving at least three certifications,” said TAG CEO Mike Zaneis. “We are delighted to recognize Criteo for achieving TAG Platinum status and helping lead the way to a safer digital advertising industry.”  

What does it mean to be TAG Brand Safety Certified?

The goal of the TAG Brand Safety Certified Program is to ensure that digital ads are served in brand safe environments   misplacement next to illegal, objectionable, or irrelevant content that could potentially harm a brand’s reputation.

Companies that earn this certification have proven that they meet the highest standards for brand safety and suitability. Here are just some of the requirements for TAG Brand Safety Certification:

  • Ensure that all new and updated digital advertising agreements adhere to brand safety and anti-piracy requirements
  • Employ effective ad misplacement avoidance services and/or tools
  • Define and identify key roles and resources responsible for brand safety
  • And several others

What does it mean to be TAG Certified Against Fraud?

The Certified Against Fraud Program was launched to combat invalid traffic. Companies with this seal have demonstrated that they can aggressively filter for invalid and non-human traffic. Among other requirements, those who are TAG Certified Against Fraud must do the following:

  • Partner with an MRC-accredited vendor to detect and remove invalid traffic across all digital actions monetizing
  • Filter from domains and apps that are known to be associated with fraud and from data center IP addresses with no human activity
  • Create systems to track so that if invalid traffic does occur, it can be identified, reported, removed

What does it mean to be TAG Certified Against Malware?

The Certified Against Malware Program was created to tackle the issue of “malvertising”, which uses digital ads as the vehicle for distributing malware. Among other requirements, those who are TAG Certified Against Malware must do the following:

  • Identify the resources/groups responsible for the detection, analysis, and response to malvertising events
  • Define the escalation process
  • Partner with an industry-leading vendor to provide effective malvertising detection and removal services across all advertising assets and landing pages

You can learn more about Criteo’s TAG certifications by searching for our company name in the TAG Registry or visiting the TAG Certification Programs page.

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