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Criteo is excited to announce the launch of Commerce Academy to help marketers achieve their career goals and optimize campaign performance.
Updated on August 1, 2023

From reports to guidebooks to webinars, Criteo is committed to helping marketers stay on top of today’s rapidly advancing commerce media landscape and leverage their knowledge to deliver powerful advertising results.  

We’re taking our dedication to commerce media education even further with the launch of Criteo Commerce Academy, a centralized learning hub equipping marketers with the tools and tactical insights they need to achieve their goals—whether it be advancing their careers or meeting their campaign’s KPI metrics with greater success.  

Introducing Criteo Commerce Academy 

Criteo Commerce Academy is a global training portal that merges the best of both worlds, Advertising Academy and Retail Media University—combining Criteo’s external educational resources under one platform. The courses at Commerce Academy are designed to support marketers as they grow their expertise in commerce media and become certified on Criteo’s industry-leading Commerce Media Platform. By taking part in our portal, marketers also have exclusive access to advertising best practices and campaign strategy recommendations. 

Participation in Commerce Academy is open to everyone. Educational content will be especially beneficial for media planners, media buyers, and retail media marketers. 

Our programs 

Criteo Commerce Academy offers free self-paced online learning courses across a variety of topic areas. With additional courses underway, the training portal currently includes: 

  • Three certification programs on how to leverage Criteo Commerce Growth to integrate, manage, and plan programmatic advertising campaigns 
  • One certification program on on-site sponsored products and Criteo’s retail media solutions 
  • A learning library with additional educational resources on retail media and programmatic advertising  

 Commerce Academy benefits 

  • Become an expert in commerce media, refine your advertising knowledge, and keep a pulse on the latest digital advertising trends 
  • Earn certifications on Criteo solutions and showcase verified badges on LinkedIn  
  • Learn how Criteo’s programmatic and retail media solutions can further optimize your campaign results 
  • For agencies only: Unlock access to the Criteo Partner Program by meeting certification requirements with Commerce Academy courses

Get started today 

To sign up, complete the registration form using your work email address. Once submitted, you’ll be directed to the Commerce Academy homepage to start learning! For any questions, please reach out to the Criteo Commerce Academy team at or fill out our Contact form.   

Join the Criteo Commerce Academy – Agency Challenge  

We’re calling on all agency professionals in Southeast Asia and India to put their learning to the test with our Agency Challenge! From June 13 to September 13, complete the Criteo Commerce Academy modules at your own pace to grow your professional skillset and become a commerce media expert—all while gaining new LinkedIn certifications, scoring bonus points, and earning the chance to win top prizes worth a total of >US$5,000! 

Start your learning journey by taking part in the Challenge today, find out more here 

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