Criteo and Microsoft come together to bring personalized experiences to consumers everywhere by maximizing data and commerce media

Updated on September 26, 2023

Consumers expect experiences that make commerce easy. This means they want to be able to research and buy from anywhere, and they want to seamlessly move from discovery to transaction within the same moment. These expectations come at a time when changes in the digital advertising industry are making it harder to meet them.  

As advertising strategies continue to evolve to better serve consumers in every shopping moment, marketers must remove silos and adopt a digital advertising approach that combines commerce data and intelligence to target consumers throughout the shopping journey, and, according to Forrester,  help marketers and media owners across all verticals to deliver improved customer experience (63%), increased growth (65%), and increased profitability (61%). 

Criteo is the market leader in commerce media, enabling marketers and media owners to use large-scale purchase and intent data along with commerce-focused AI to improve advertising returns on the open internet. Criteo and Microsoft have teamed up to deliver a holistic, audience-first, advertising solution for marketers. 

We spoke with Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, Philippe Kieffer, to discuss how Microsoft and Criteo’s integration is helping marketers harness their data.  

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Tell us a bit about the combined solution. How does Criteo work with Microsoft’s CDP, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, to optimize success for clients? 

Our partnership bridges a direct connection between Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform and our Customer Data Platform, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. For example, a brand uses Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to house unified and enriched customer profiles built with first-party data, aggregated Microsoft online search data, as well as other third-party data providers. The data is then used to create audience segments that are quickly and efficiently passed to Criteo to be applied to the customer’s advertising campaigns. This audience integration allows marketers to elevate and improve their targeting capabilities. With this process, our clients’ marketing campaigns include minute targeting and greater personalization, resulting in increased audience engagement and conversions.   

What makes this integration unique for customers?  

Our audience integration feature allows marketers to easily transfer their data from Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform allowing marketers to discover not only unserved audiences, but also new ways to serve well-known shoppers through enriched segmentation capabilities. Through the injection of some Microsoft online search data into segments, additional insights such as brand affinities, interests, and demographic information can be optimized to further enhance persona targeting in campaigns, customer journeys, and overall omnichannel marketing.

How is the Microsoft and Criteo partnership driving efficiency for customers? 

Using this integration, our clients can seamlessly leverage their current investments in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform. They are guaranteed zero interruption to their daily business and can continue managing their everyday tasks without dedicating additional time or resources to data collection, management, and digital advertising. Joint clients benefit from maximizing data sources and expediting time to value throughout the consumer shopping journey and deliver commerce outcomes: sales, revenue, and leads.  

Microsoft and Criteo have come together to unite data and commerce media to provide marketers and media owners with a streamlined solution to manage, scale, and activate first-party data and addressable audiences. The result, richer experiences for consumers and intelligent collaboration across marketers and media owners.  

Learn more about Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and the Commerce Media Platform as well as how you can expand your audience reach while surprising and delighting consumers in moments that matter.

Lindsey Sacco

Lindsey is a marketing and events professional specializing in brand strategy and management, special event coordination, copywriting and more. She is currently based in New York City and enjoys travel, fancy coffees, CT beaches (I know) and her cat, Sonny.

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