DoubleVerify Omnitag Video Measurement is now possible on Criteo, Elevating Video Ad Opportunities for All Common Customers

DoubleVerify, the leading software platform for digital media measurement and analytics, and Criteo, the global technology company that delivers trusted and impactful advertising through a world-leading Commerce Media Platform, are excited to announce a recent development that enables clients to better measure and quantify their video campaigns directly on Criteo using DoubleVerify’s advanced technology enabled by the DV Video OmniTag. 

With a strong overlap in mutual clients, this product evolution was a no-brainer. Among both teams’ core values is to always strive to meet customer needs and expectations and to provide clients with the best solution possible. This launch is doing just that.

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Breaking down the DV Video OmniTag and what it can help you achieve 

DoubleVerify utilizes Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) tags for video measurement and has branded its solution as the DV Video OmniTag, which allows clients to utilize a single VAST tag across CTV, mobile, and desktop environments. This approach offers you better operational efficiency and eliminates human error often associated with using multiple tags. DV Video OmniTag also activates one of DV’s leading video solutions for Criteo advertisers, DV Video Complete, which includes campaign monitoring across fraud, viewability and brand suitability, pre-bid avoidance, post-bid blocking and MRC-accredited DV Video Filtering. This development is particularly advantageous as Criteo has been expanding into the video space as of late including OTT & CTV. Not only will agencies require Criteo to support third party measurement, but the demand from clients will only increase. With DoubleVerify, a trusted leader in the space, advertisers can measure the quality of their video campaigns, protect brand equity and maximize the impact of their media investments.  

Why Video Advertising is here to stay  

“We’re excited to strengthen our partnership with Criteo,” says Steven Woolway, EVP Business Development at DoubleVerify. “The video advertising landscape is changing rapidly, with marketers shifting more budget toward video and CTV every year.  DV’s Omnitag is built to provide omnichannel brand protection for our customers. Now, Criteo’s advertisers can benefit from the same simplified process, comprehensive measurement and brand protection that DV clients use every day.” 

Video campaigns are on the rise for several reasons including a shift in general content consumption habits, audience expectations for media quality and relevancy, proven engagement metrics that surpass static ads, and more. On the advertiser’s side, increased profitability—video is making the biggest impact possible with a client’s digital dollar.  

Matthew Hogg, SVP Partnerships at Criteo, shared, “Criteo’s Video advertising solution achieves brand awareness and measurable outcomes with relevant and engaging formats including OTT. We are very excited about our recent DoubleVerify Omnitag certification. With DoubleVerify’s measurement and verification capabilities, we will be able to support marketers as they continue to allocate an increasing budget towards video advertising. Together Criteo and DV will drive impactful business outcomes.”

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