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Case Studies

  • Industry: Retail
  • Innovative San Francisco-based clothing company that produces crowd-sourced designs
  • Website: www.betabrand.com

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Betabrand achieves remarkable performance and dynamic creative by switching from their legacy performance advertising partner to Criteo.


Betabrand had been working with one of the largest performance advertising companies for about three years. However, they were limited in the number of products they could showcase in a campaign and were relegated to running campaigns that showed just a few promoted products, which failed to take into account the users’ full journey on site. With thousands of items to offer its customers, the e-tailer wanted to find a way to feature more of its products in ad creative without creating thousands of individual ad units.


Betabrand put Criteo head to head with their legacy partner, splitting the cookie pool to ensure a fair test and clear front runner. The results were remarkable; Criteo’s performance advertising delivered 3.5 times the return on ad spend over their existing partner. Additionally, enhanced creative enabled Betabrand to showcase a plethora of products in their campaigns.


Betabrand ended its nearly three-year relationship with its legacy partner and switched to Criteo. Today, Criteo is among Betabrand’s top-performing online advertising channels. With

  • +350% return on ad spend vs. legacy partner
  • 50% of online sales from cross-selling

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