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Case Studies

  • Industry: Leisure travel
  • One of the world’s leading travel groups serving 30M customers
  • http://www.tuifly.com

Download Webcover case study

Download Criteo Engine-Optimised Segments case study

TUI Travel PLC

TUIfly.com achieves both reach and CPC goals during massive Webcover campaign and improves advertising efficiency with Criteo’s newest engine and Engine Optimized Segments.


During peak seasons, TUI runs high-profile branding campaigns to stand out in the crowded travel market. In 2014, it wanted to generate mindshare with an enticing 2-for-1 airfare deal.

Always looking for higher efficiency, TUIfly.com  also wanted to simplify its marketing segmentation strategy and maintain continual growth in ROI.


TUIfly.com knew its 2-for-1 promotion would be popular and wanted a way to combine massive branding reach with efficient optimization.

Additionally, the travel group runs multiple campaigns with diverse goals and a complicated segmentation structure, with 8 to 10 different segments for each destination category


Criteo’s Webcover product provided massive reach and intelligent predictive optimization during a single-day campaign. Higher CPCs enhanced volume while Criteo’s predictive engine targeted the most valuable users.

In order to improve advertising efficiency, TUI ran an A/B test during April, 2014, to contrast the results of its conventional segmentation strategy and Criteo Engine-Optimized Segments. With Engine Optimized Segments, users are categorized only by travel destination, and the engine does the optimization automatically.



  • Webcover balanced reach and CPC efficiency
  • 1,9 million users viewed the promotion
  • Frequency was capped at 3.5 banners per user
  • CTR per exposed user: 0,37%
  • Cost per user: 0.002€

Criteo Engine-Optimized Segments

  • Managing CPCs is much simpler now with fewer segments in the mix
  • Average basket value increased by 9%
  • CPC was reduced by 5%
  • Overall cost-of-sale went down by 14%

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