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Criteo Announces Global Availability of Performance Display Advertising for Mobile Web

New York, NY – December 3, 2013 – Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), a leading global technology company that specializes in performance display advertising, today announced the global availability of their performance display advertising solution for mobile web, making it available across leading mobile devices.  Criteo released their mobile web solution to a limited set of alpha customers in late September and has already delivered billions of mobile ads in over 20 countries worldwide.

Criteo's solution allows marketers to seamlessly extend their personalized online campaigns to the mobile web, so as to engage and convert customers who are increasingly using mobile devices for everyday purchases.  The growth of mobile ecommerce combined with industry experts citing higher Click Through Rates (CTR) on mobile devices means marketers have a significant opportunity to reach their customers with display advertising campaigns. Criteo’s solution will help marketers more readily reach and convert these users, and address this valuable, rapidly growing market.

“Mobile devices are responsible for a rapidly growing percentage of our customers’ sales – up to 30% in more advanced markets. We are now able to provide highly relevant, individually personalized ads across all leading mobile devices, and optimize these in real-time to maximize sales. This means we can help our customers generate more clicks and more sales on mobile, in the same way that we have done on the desktop over the last 5 years,” said Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer of Criteo. “Our clients are very excited about our mobile capability.  This is just the first stage of Criteo’s mobile solution, and we will continue to innovate rapidly here. We see mobile as the biggest transformation for marketers since the launch of the world wide web.”

Criteo’s extension of performance display advertising to the mobile web follows the company’s recent initial public offering on October 30th, 2013 and its acquisition of Ad-X Tracking earlier this summer. Ad-X Tracking measures mobile campaign performance across hundreds of mobile ad networks, DSPs and other marketing solutions.  Criteo offers marketers a performance display advertising solution that optimizes for customer sales, based on a machine-learning engine that combines vast data with the ability to make real-time decisions across more than 35 countries.