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Mobile Marketing Leaders Release In-App Deeplinking Specification and Best Practice Guide to Help Accelerate Industry Adoption

  • Provides advertisers and app developers a recommended implementation for developing deeplink support inside of applications.
  • Mobile Deeplinking Project led by Criteo, TapCommerce and ActionX enhances consumer experience, in-app navigation and engagement within mobile apps
  • Mobile deeplinks can appear anywhere an internet link would - email, websites, in app or mobile ads

Palo Alto, CA & New York, NY - February 26, 2014 - Today several of the leading mobile technology companies led by Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), TapCommerce and ActionX, announced a major step for the mobile app economy: a specification and best practices guide to support deeplinking within mobile applications. Further information is available at http://mobiledeeplinking.org/.

The Mobile Deeplinking project is a collaborative industry effort to provide a consistent, high-quality source of documentation, sample code, and SDKs to help mobile app publishers create effective, seamless cross-media user experiences and marketing campaigns. The specification provides initial support for iOS and Android platforms, with support for Microsoft Windows targeted for release later this year.

All materials are hosted on mobiledeeplinking.org a new website developed to provide app developers a central location to learn about deeplinking and participate in the development of the specification. All source code is also available on GitHub. The collaborating companies will continue to provide additional features based on community feedback.

In addition to Criteo, TapCommerce and ActionX, the working group includes contributors from Flurry and MoPub. Together they represent integrations across hundreds of thousands of apps and billions of app downloads.

To become a contributor or find out more about the project and those involved, please contact help@mobiledeeplinking.org. 


"This specification will help users better navigate their mobile apps, leading to increased app retention and a better customer experience, said Brian Long, CEO of TapCommerce. “As the global leader in mobile app retargeting, TapCommerce is very excited to release this specification with other leading mobile companies.”

“With the acquisition of Ad-X Tracking, a leading mobile marketing analytics company, Criteo quickly recognized the issues with current deep-linking specifications.  By providing a set of guidelines, tools and source code we believe app developers will be able to enhance the user experience and increase app engagement,” said Jason Morse, VP Mobile, Criteo. 

“We have seen deep-linking drive significant performance improvements for our retail, travel, and media subscription clients. Guiding consumers to the most relevant section of an app from an ad is a huge marketing win, and this new standard makes it easy for app developers big and small to drive more revenue,” said Evan Schwartz, CEO, ActionX.