Criteo at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit

Bridging the Gap Between Screens to Increase ROI - Highlights from VentureBeat’s Mobile Summit Fireside Chat

I recently participated in a fireside chat as part of VentureBeat’s Mobile Summit alongside American Eagle Outfitter’s Chief Digital Officer Joe Megibow. The session was moderated by the Wall Street Journal’s Rolfe Winkler with a focus on mobile devices.

As about 180 senior leaders gathered to listen to Joe and me chat, it was clear: increasing ROI is all about having a unified view of the customer. To that end, marketers are investing more and more in mobile to reach consumers across screens, which makes me think that mobile attribution will be a heavily addressed topic this year.

Our most recent State of Mobile Commerce Report for Q4 2014 found that mobile devices now account for one-third of all ecommerce transactions worldwide. This number is expected to continue growing rapidly in tandem with the global rate of smartphone adoption. Be on the lookout later this month as we release our Q1 2015 Mobile Commerce Report. 

I pointed out in the session that mobile purchases will become far more common for U.S. consumers as they become more comfortable with the security of the transactions, and mobile payments technology becomes easier to use.

Furthermore, smartphones have surpassed tablets in overall sales, and average mobile order values are approaching those placed on desktop. This is particularly surprising as it undermines the conventional belief that average order values increase with device size. It’s only a matter of time before mobile makes up over one half of all ecommerce transactions, and the retailers who don’t adapt will be left behind.                   

You can read more in my VentureBeat byline, “Your customers are already mobile-first: Here’s how to convert them now.”

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