A company’s success relies not only on its business performance but on the satisfaction of its employees. The quality of the work environment, along with employee satisfaction, matters as much as great financial results as one is rarely possible without the other.

Criteo participated in the Great Place to Work survey in France and Germany as a way to recognize our efforts towards fostering the best possible work environment. It’s an incredible honor to have our own employees provide the positive feedback that made it possible for Criteo to rank 18th in France. Criteo got awarded in Germany (within ITC) as well. Delivering the best possible experience to the right person at the right time isn’t just our business strategy – it’s equally true for the way we treat our employees.

Our innovative, young and dynamic workforce is happy and successful in large part thanks to the great environment we’ve worked so hard with them to create. These efforts can be broken down into three distinct categories:

Work Environment

The physical work environment has been designed to maximize employee motivation, satisfaction and productivity. Zen and game rooms, language and sports classes, and a diverse selection of work spaces all contribute to the overall success of the environment.

Internal Initiatives

Internal Hackathon, Buddy Program, Cross Boot Camp – these are some of the internal initiatives we’ve designed to create ties between employees from different sectors of the company. We believe fostering innovation and success is all about exposing employees to as diverse a range of perspectives and experiences as possible.

Global Spirit

Nearly ten years ago, Criteo was born as a startup in Paris, France. Even though we’ve expanded globally, the same spirit of innovation still permeates every element of the company and its employees.

We are firmly committed to a belief in the virtuous cycle of a great atmosphere leading to great company performance, and great performance in turn contributing to an even better work environment. This Great Place to Work ranking shows that we’re not just a great company to do business with, but also a great company to work for.

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