Consumers aren’t just spending more time researching products on their mobile devices, they’re making actual purchases, or “converting” in marketing speak. While digital marketers have struggled to develop a full view of their consumers’ paths to purchase as the  journey has become fragmented across many devices and channels, the upward trend of mobile conversions means that missing a prospect on mobile could equal a lost sale. This significantly raises the stakes for mobile marketers. 

To learn more about the different ways that marketers are tackling the cross-device challenge, we teamed up with Digiday to survey 60 retail and agency marketing executives at the 2014 Digiday Retail Summit. What we found was a near-universal emphasis on the importance of mobile marketing and optimization with the goal of driving sales.

Other key findings on 2015 mobile investment include:  

  • 82% of retail executives see mobile-optimized sites as a high priority
  • 74% of retail executives will spend more on mobile in 2015
  • Retailers are investing more in mobile-optimized sites than in mobile apps
  • Almost half of retailers see equal shopping cart values on desktop and mobile sites

So what’s our takeaway? While retailers differ in the ways they seek to engage with consumers via mobile, the numbers tell us that nearly all are seeking more mobile sales by boosting their investments in the platform in 2015.  

As the mobile ecosystem increases its rapid expansion, most recently in the wearable vertical, marketers must be aware of the major opportunities to not only reach but convert consumers via mobile.

Click here to download Criteo undefinedand Digiday’s Retail Mobile Pulse Survey for more insights from retail marketing executives.  


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