If you ask a retailer how important mobile is for them, most would now say extremely important - including both “brick-and-click” and “pure-play” eCommerce retailers. To better understand how retailers are aligning resources to strengthen their mobile strategy, Criteo partnered with Digiday to survey 60 retail and agency executives.

Here are some interesting findings from the Retail Mobile Pulse Survey:

Mobile-optimized site aligns with retailers’ primary marketing goals

When asked to pick the two primary goals of their mobile marketing strategy, the majority of the respondents said it was to drive online purchases (51%) and in-store sales (43%).

Popular shopping apps such as Amazon and eBay generate enormous mobile sales, but most retailers still rely more on their mobile-optimized site to realize their sales goals. With a mobile app, the primary goal mentioned by the largest share of respondents (42%) was to improve customer engagement.  undefined

Mobile app is also attracting increased investment from retailers

82% of respondents confirmed that investing in a mobile-optimized website has been a high priority for them. Mobile apps have also reached significance, with branded apps a high priority for 39% of respondents. 

Further, more retailers (66%) plan to increase their spending on mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps (47%) in 2015.

Popular social apps are encouraging retailers to spend more
Most retailers look to augment users of their branded app with campaigns on popular social apps. 67% of respondents increased their mobile advertising spend on social media in 2014, and 79% confirmed they plan to do so in 2015.

Branded app is key for consumer engagement, but most retailers see presence on popular social apps very important for new customer acquisitions and to drive in-store sales.

Read the full report for more insights here

This article was written by, Shailendra Pandey, Senior Research Manager, Criteo

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