If you’re a marketer that helps to sell anything online, by now you’ve probably read Jonathan Wolf’s blog post highlighting what you need to do to stay ahead of your customers on mobile devices in the US.

To recap, we learned three things influence mCommerce, which accounted for nearly 34% of all eCommerce globally in Q2:

  1. Optimizing your mobile site has a huge impact on conversions.
  2. A great app can convert even better than desktop sites.
  3. Cross-device is a reality – correctly identifying users across devices is essential for everything from delivering targeted ads to measuring your paid media.

The research team set about to dig deeper into the data to discover if people’s behavior is the same the world over, or if it varies significantly.  We investigated the data for five additional markets (France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the UK) and mCommerce share of total eCommerce in another five (Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia and Spain).

The key takeaway from all of this is that the trends identified are global in scale and in some cases intensified in local markets.

It’s no surprise that shoppers in Japan and South Korea are leading the charge in mobile commerce due to the relative high penetration of smartphones (at 49% and 81% of mobile phone users in 2015, respectively, according to eMarketer). These countries are at the top in percentage of transactions on mobile at 47% and 45%, respectively, while top quartile retailers in Japan saw more than three quarters (78%) of transactions on mobile devices. Drilling down to device type, tablets take a backseat to smartphones, which account for approximately 99% of all mobile transactions in these countries. Cross-device here is the norm – in both countries nearly 60% of conversions experienced consumer touchpoints across multiple devices.

European shoppers are more diverse in their uptake of mobile for shopping. The UK saw the highest percentage of transactions at 45%, followed closely by Germany  (31%) and France (20%). According to our data, Germany led in cross-device conversions, with 49% of transactions occurring on multiple devices, while UK (45%) and France (40%) remained in the 40th percentile, indicating that there is still plenty of room for growth.

For all this and more, check out each individual country’s report below:

This blog post was written by Michael Froggatt, US Senior Research Manager. 

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