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Criteo: A Great Place To Work

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A company’s success relies not only on its business performance but on the satisfaction of its employees. The quality of the work environment, along with employee satisfaction, matters as much as great financial results as one is rarely possible without the other.

Mobile Marketing – Retailers’ Common Denominator

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Consumers aren’t just spending more time researching products on their mobile devices, they’re making actual purchases, or “converting” in marketing speak. While digital marketers have struggled to develop a full view of their consumers’ paths to purchase as the journey has become fragmented across many devices and channels, the upward trend of mobile conversions means that missing a prospect on mobile could equal a lost sale. This significantly raises the stakes for mobile marketers.

Mobile Excellence and Leadership: Criteo’s Mollie Spilman Receives IAB’s Service Excellence Award

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Criteo’s Chief Revenue Officer Mollie Spilman recently pointed out in an article published in VentureBeat that in 2015 mobile won’t just be a component of your digital strategy — it will be your digital strategy. She added that consumers are turning to their mobile devices first for practically everything, and shopping is no exception. Our most recent State of Mobile Commerce Report for Q4 2014 showed that mobile devices now account for one-third of all ecommerce transactions worldwide.

Navigating the travel industry; what brands need to do to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace

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The travel sector is one of the most difficult industries for any company to compete in. It has one of the largest pools of customers online, but these users lack loyalty, ‘brand-hop’ and tend to go for price-based bookings. The online customer journey has, until recently, been impossible to track as potential purchasers jump from mobile, to laptop, to desktop and to tablet. This makes it more difficult than ever to identify and convert customers