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  • Industry: Digital Marketing Agency
  • Largest specialised digital agency in the automotive industry
  • gforces.co.uk


GForces delivers the most effective digital strategies for leading vehicle retailer groups and manufacturers. Partnering with Criteo allows GForces to offer personalised performance advertising to their client portfolio from a single platform.


GForces needed a scalable platform enabling them to run multiple efficient campaigns from one provider.


As a fast growing company, GForces needed one global partner to provide high standard performance display advertising to their clients.


  • Criteo provides an effective single platform enabling GForces to use dynamic advertising to show relevant personalised ads to their users.
  • With Criteo, GForces can maximize the brand exposure of their clients thanks to the actual 80%+ reach while meeting their Cost Per Lead performance target.

“GForces is growing quickly, and Criteo has been a massive asset to us in that need. We’ve been able to grow the company a lot quicker and we’ve also been able to provide a new form of digital advertising to our clients” Lauren Stewart, Head of Media Services, GForces.


30 new clients joined up since GForces went live83% higher click-through 1.5 million impressionsOptimise client’ campaigns towards the CPL target


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