Criteo Unveils New Consumer E-Commerce Insights in Q1 2014 Mobile Flash Report

New York, US / Paris, France – June 24, 2014 – Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), a leading global technology company that specializes in digital performance advertising, today revealed new consumer e-commerce insights in its Q1 2014 Mobile Flash report that demonstrates how mobile plays an increasingly critical role in effectively reaching consumers.  The report represents the Internet browsing and shopping behavior of the more than 920 million unique global Internet users  that Criteo’s advertisements reach.

This Mobile Flash report examines mobile advertising and its impact on e-commerce.  Key takeaways include:

  • Android tablets and smartphones account for 66 percent of total e-commerce sales globally.
  • Retail, travel, automotive and classified ads account for more than 70 percent of mobile clicks.
  • North America, APAC Developed  and Western Europe together generate more than 90 percent of mobile clicks.
  • Mobile delivers higher CTRs than PCs across most industry verticals.
  • Average CTRs on Android devices are nearly two times that of PCs.
  • Android devices generate more sales globally, but iOS leads in the US and Europe.
  • Mobile not only substitutes, but also complements desktop usage and brings additional sales. For example, purchases coming from an iPad are 16 percent more likely to happen on a Sunday, while sales from a desktop drop by 10 percent on Sundays.
  • Hotel bookings, car rentals and apparel account for the highest average purchase value on mobile devices (US $364.80, US $209.10 and US $105.30, respectively). 
Every quarter we’re analyzing robust mobile data from close to a billion Internet users that we leverage to offer advertisers deeper insights that can help better shape their campaigns,” said Jason Morse, VP Mobile Product at Criteo. “We’re seeing some very exciting opportunities start to emerge for advertisers in mobile right now.  The fact that mobile devices are responsible for a rapidly growing share of e-commerce sales, representing millions of dollars, makes it hard for advertisers to ignore the possibilities with mobile campaigns.
1  comScore, March 2014
2 APAC Developed countries include Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand


  • Android tablets and smartphones account for 66 percent of total e-commerce sales globally via mobile devices.
  • The highest average purchase value made on mobile devices (US $364.80) is for hotel bookings. 

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