Criteo eCommerce Industry Outlook 2015

At Criteo, we expect 2015 will be another exciting year for the eCommerce industry as mobile shopping accelerates and consumers continue to browse and shop across multiple devices. Working with thousands of advertisers and publishers, we see billions of online transactions, providing us unique insights into online shopping behavior and emerging trends.

This report presents our top seven predictions of what advertisers can expect – and must prepare for – in 2015.

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The report presents our top predictions for 2015 and their implication for digital marketers who aim to increase their eCommerce sales.  A key area covered is the growth in the share of eCommerce transactions from mobile devices.  Other insights include:

  • Availability of cross-device marketing and what this means for retailers and advertisers  
  • Demand for native advertising and programmatic buying
  • Important online strategies for brick-and-mortar retailers
  • The use of mobile apps for consumer re-engagement
  • Greater flexibility and scalability driven by automated ad formats
  • Further acquisitions and consolidation in ad tech